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The Leader of a Global Initiative on Full-Spectrum Living Bhaavin Shah

Bhaavin Shah is an Indian Spiritual Teacher and Lifestyle Entrepreneur best known for being the founder of ‘Whole Life Academy’ – one of the country’s top movements focusing upon the enhancement of health, wealth and harmonious relationships by employing timeless truths and robust techniques rooted in Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology. He has taught thousands of men and women from 10+ countries develop sound health, improved finances and ecstatic relationships.
Beyond his success in teaching, he is an author of three self-help books (available on Amazon). He has been a regular speaker at the WorldWide Help Library and a frequent contributor to Life Positive – India’s premiere Holistic Magazine and Rishi Vani – a spiritual magazine with global readership. For upwards of a decade, he has served as a Holistic Teacher at Life Yessence Academy – a global organisation spreading India’s rich Rishi Culture – through its 600+ centres spanning across 8 nations of the world. Trained directly with the legendary Leonard Orr, Bhaavin is also one of the country’s topmost holistic healer and rebirther.
Today, Bhaavin Shah continues to be featured in many leading publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top Spiritual Educators by thousands around the world.

A Top Keynote Speaker

He has established himself as one of the country’s leading Spiritual and Informative speaker. 
His unique skill for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple easy-to-understand terms is one of the reasons he consistently receives the highest overall speaker rating at high-profile events. 
With over 10-years of experience conducting seminars and multi-day workshops, delivering 500+ presentations, he has developed a unique style that simply WOWs audiences.

Premier Mentor To Mentors & Leaders

Groomed with love his late master Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, and trained under the legendary Leonard Orr, Bhaavin admits that his life changed the day he met his current Guru – Dr. Baskaran Pillai.
It was the blessings and guidance of his Guru that gave him the confidence that would under-write his success.
It is also one of the reasons he is so passionate about being a mentor today.

From Depression to Ecstasy - A Hero’s journey

Starting at 17, Bhaavin was sporadically depressed for upwards of a decade, suffered from bouts of anxiety and insomnia, and contended with all sorts of body aches, difficult relationships and failed ventures.
While doing the work he had to do in overcoming his personal life situation, he discovered his ‘elixir’. Now he is more than willing to share the ‘elixir’ with those who reach out to him.

Living on Light

From the age of 16, Bhaavin grew up in the company of enlightened masters. One thing that stayed with him was the importance of living on Prana vs living on Food. 
Trained with the food-free Elitom El-Amin, Bhaavin is mastering the science of Living on Light and he generally opens his mouth only once a day to eat or drink. This keeps him grounded in bliss and health.
Inspired by his master, he also once underwent a hugely transformational two-week penniless pilgrimage to the Himalayas without food, money or gadgets, soaked in deep surrender to the divine, where he was blessed with the private darshan of the deathless master Mahavatar Babaji receiving his wisdom and subtle energetic transmission for four hours.

Family Man

Bhaavin is a loving husband to his wife. Kommal is Bhaavin’s soul mate and best friend. They work together and have fun together.
Kommal is also a certified healthy cooking facilitator and an evangelist of whole-foods plant-based diets. Her work has been published in leading local Indian publications.
Together, they enjoy bringing up their cute and beloved daughter Svaraa. All three of them stay together with Bhaavin’s doting parents in Mumbai.

Bhaavin Shah - Global Educator

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