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Bhaavin Shah

I am a curious learner, an intense feeler and a self-absorbed thinker, in that order. My role in the world is that of a modern-day yogi; also a spiritual trainer and a thought-provoking author; a personal coach and a healer. Divinely guided by Mahavatar Babaji, I have intimately learnt with enlightened masters like Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, Leonard Orr and now Dattatreya Shiv Baba (Dr. Pillai). Currently at 41, I enjoy getting to the bottom of things and actively sharing my learnings. I have a voracious appetite for reading. I speak and write about a whole gamut of topics from spirituality and emotional healing to productivity and enlightened prosperity. My deepest interest lies in the science of easy living.

Ordinary to Extra Ordinary

Such a lovely time as some of us gathered in person and over the live-stream (despite the holiday bug😂) to learn how to move from an ordinary life to an awesome life this Saturday evening 😀

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Ordinary to Extra Ordinary – Giveaway

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Ego-Busting Frame-Work

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As we gathered this Saturday eve to learn how to retain our ‘Peace in the Storm’ 🌈

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