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Bhaavin Shah

Dr. John Sarno’s Learnings in a Workshop – Seminar

I am conducting a very helpful Workshop-Seminar on “Heal your Body Pains”

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.¬†If you know or any one you know is suffering from chronic pain this workshop will change that forever.

Healing Your Body Pains is any person’s guide to gaining complete pain relief simply through modern mindbody understanding. Based on cutting-edge research by Dr. John Sarno, physician and professor of rehabilitation medicine at New York University Medical Center.

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Meeting Nipun Mehta – A Paragon of Generosity



Last night, my very close friend Rahul, invited me over for something similar to a spiritual gathering at his place by the name awakin’ meet. It was to be led by one Nipun Mehta – a gift activist of international repute. Nipun has been facilitating¬† these worldwide gift economy initiatives – under the title Service Space – random acts of kindness that seek nothing in return, besides possibly a small request to keep the good work going. A Ted talker and also a dignitary selected by President Obama for an important committee on inter-faith harmony, Nipun is a name to reckon with.


There were sixty odd enthusiasts who had come to listen to Nipun. The evening started with an hour of total silence followed by his address that was perhaps as deep as the silence itself.  Listening to Nipun, his values and his conviction in the value of generosity was a total delight. With his every word, I got reconnected to my master Guruji Rishi Prabhakar who was another embodiment of selfless living, of not stopping at anything short of seeing godliness in every living being.

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Difference between Love and Attachment

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My 2 min. Video On What does anger feed on

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Playful Prosperity Batch 2










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