Auto-Pilot To SUCCESS (Post 3)

Could Multi-tasking just be a sophisticated word for a ‘monkey mind’?

Rishi Patanjali defines Yog as ‘Chitta Vritti Nirodhah’. Cessation (or sublimation) of the mind (and sensory diversions) is Yoga. The key to both happiness (and consequently success) lies in having lesser number of thoughts and distractions per minute.

This is the ideal but then there is the real. And the real, as always, is far from the ideal.

The reality is the number of obligations that each of us is busy attending to. Requiring to meet these timelines cause us to multi-task. Our need (valid or invalid) to be super-efficient spurs us to multi-task. Our veneration of speed (rather than effectiveness) gets us to multi-task. And the speed of our actions needing to vibrationally match the nervous energy of our inner climate forces us to multi-task.

But can we stop for a bit and do a reality check as to what does multi-tasking do to the quality of our work on one hand and peace of our mind on another?

I am not saying it is always bad; some times it is required. However it is one dimension which does need to be thought through (and perhaps tempered).

What do you think? Has multi-tasking helped you or only gotten you more rushed up in life? Is it an asset or a liability? Is it something you want to learn or you would be better off if you unlearn it a bit?

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