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Rebirthing Retreat + Living On Prana

As 25 of us sat by the fire, swam in the lake, trekked up a mountain in the night, slept under the stars, had conscious food and learnt lots of techniques to enhance our energies during the weekend Pranic retreat with Elitom, Maryam and myself 🌸

All Glory to the Five Elements and the Power of the Pranic Path.

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My Experiments with Meditation


I have always been someone with a short attention span. And at the same time deeply interested in all limbs of Yoga. And this was quite a paradox. Ashtang-yoga as the name suggests has eight limbs. Of which five – Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan in that order, require an increasing amount of attention lock-in from the Sadhak. However, I wasn’t wired for that.
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Process of Forgiveness

Makes more sense to forgive instead of standing up for honor because honor, our self-respect could be plain ego. Forgiveness is automatic when you shift responsibility to yourself (and your karma) as the source of the event. Asking for forgiveness is as important and can be done inter-personally (sometimes backfires) or from comfort of room. If need be, It should be backed up with atonement (prayaschit) which is restorative for the other person if possible.

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The Problem with Forgiving too soon


Forgiving too soon leads to a phenomenon called emotional bypass. All your anger and grief gets pushed under the carpet. These unresolved emotions later manifest in life either as health issues or as karmic blockages in the aura manifesting as obstacles in relationships or money. Keep Reading

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Heal to become whole

As originally published in India’s premiere spiritual magazine ‘Life Positive’ (October 2016 Issue)


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