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Five life lessons Dangal taught me


There is a certain pleasure in watching a movie first-day -first-show. All the more if the gamble pays off. Which it did, with Dangal. Here is what I learnt. Always difficult to write this without giving the story away. But in the spirit of the movie, lets strive to do the difficult.


A mother is for loving and nurturing; a father is for guidance and growth. A mother is unconditional in her heart and unconditional in her behaviour. A father is unconditional in his heart but has to be conditional in his behaviour. A mother could have it relatively easy, her love is the soft love. A father has it relatively difficult, his love is the tough love. Keep Reading

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Five Inspirations from Sultan – The Movie


Few years back I had no inclination for heroic movies. I found them unrealistic. They appeared far removed from daily life. But now I realize that it was my folly. Nothing is unrealistic, it’s just rare. Rare is also real.

Well, I saw Sultan today. What a heroic movie. Sultan is not a biopic. But I believe that a story doesn’t have to be true to inspire. And inspired it has. Big time. I received a plethora of inspirations from this movie. Five prime ones: Keep Reading

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Four Leadership Lessons From Airlift – The Movie


There is something very special about this country that we inhabit. It is large enough to encompass the worst of the worst as well as the best of the best when it comes to things, people and events. One such extraordinary event was the air-evacuation of 1,70,000 stranded Indians from war-torn Kuwait and their repatriation to India. The movie Airlift depicts this real-life act of courage of few extraordinary people through an effective reel-life portrayal. Keep Reading

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Four Ways In Which Nat-Samrat Shattered Me



I recently watched this Marathi movie Nat-Samrat and was deeply moved by the rich experience the movie offered. The characters, particularly the protagonist Nana Patekar, have performed with such intensity, that you feel as if you have your own skin in the game. The movie left a lot of questions in my head. Also a few conclusions, rather distasteful ones.

Keep Reading

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Four Insights From Bajirao Mastani


Just back from seeing Bajirao Mastani the second time. There is something about seeing a movie twice – you can appreciate the nuances better. First time you are busy feeling the movie, flowing with the movie, enjoying it. The second time around you have enough leeway to be able to observe it objectively, to be able to feel and at the same time connect the dots and learn things.

Barring the slapstick comedies, I endeavor to learn from all types of movies while I am savouring them. Got four insights while watching this one.  Keep Reading

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