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‘Auto-Pilot To SUCCESS’ Workbook

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When You Goodness Becomes Your Weakness

As we had a packed house in the seminar this Saturday.

The crux: For every body who allows himself (or herself) to become a victim, there will be one bully. The way to handle a bully is to learn to NOT join his or her dance.  Keep Reading

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Where there is agenda, there is no love


There is a certain problem with a high-agenda life. It kills all the possibility of love between two beings. The reasoning is simple. Love comes about when you meet somebody without a need-to-complete-this or need-to-complete-that. Lest your mind is too occupied with agenda to be able to be with the other person.

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Farming, not fishing


As originally published in India’s premiere spiritual magazine ‘Life Positive’ (January 2016 Issue)

While on a recent holiday to Sri Lanka, our tour operator took my family and me to a certain spice garden, one of Sri Lanka’s prime tourist spots. Once in, we were allotted a personal guide who took us around the entire property, sharing details of each plantation in exquisite detail. Thereafter, he took us to the garden’s shop where he extolled the herbal medicines prepared from these spices. So convinced were we that we purchased many of the shop’s products, though they were exorbitantly priced.

It was only after half an hour of our departure from the location that it dawned upon us that we had had a bad deal. It then became clear that the courteous guide was actually an undercover salesman, and the whole purpose of the paid guided tour was for it to culminate in an extravagant sale. Keep Reading

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Is Success about the Left Brain or Right Brain?


Spontaneity is the key to success. If you are too planned in your work life, it robs the freshness in your approach. For example, imagine spontaneously calling a client to ask about his health and in return ending up with a fresh order vis a vis calling him for an order itself and not getting one. The odds are better in the former case. In the latter case, you are already weak in your knees since you have rehearsed the picture in mind before you call and lost the freshness. The latter is a poor proposition also because there is an element of desperation involved.

Having said this, I would like to add that the flip side of spontaneity is poor time management, which needs to be balanced out. When it comes to time scheduling a person should have a planned approach and not a spontaneous one.

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