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Book Summary of DRIVE


  • First is biological drive to do certain things. Second is the drive owing to external motivations like rewards and punishments.
  • When money is used as an extrinsic reward for some activity, subjects lose intrinsic interest for the activity. Just like caffeine cranks u up for a few hours, money acts as a short term booster only.

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Key Learning Points from GO GIVERS SELL MORE

Many people have inhibition of being a sales person. Sales is not about taking advantage of people. It’s about giving people more advantage.
Sales is not about getting, it’s about giving.
Real sales is about less talking and more listening.

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What’s wrong with the positive thinking industry…


The positive thinking industry wants you to be exclusively happy and rich without the slightest speck of sorrow or scarcity in your lives. The new age western gurus are bent upon making you happiness-seekers and wealth-seekers.

Our culture is not about frantically seeking happiness. It is about being at ease with happiness and sorrow. Our culture is not about amassing material goodies and creating a clutter. It is about simple living and high thinking. Keep Reading

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On Money and Its Grip On Us


When it comes to money, there is more than what meets the eye. It’s not just printed notes or zeroes and ones in a computers records. It is a loaded phenomenon, loaded with huge emotional overtones. Look at the contortions we experience when we give away big money or when we give away more money than what we feel a product or service is worth. Keep Reading

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