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Radha, the teacher

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When You Goodness Becomes Your Weakness

As we had a packed house in the seminar this Saturday.

The crux: For every body who allows himself (or herself) to become a victim, there will be one bully. The way to handle a bully is to learn to NOT join his or her dance.  Keep Reading

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Where there is agenda, there is no love


There is a certain problem with a high-agenda life. It kills all the possibility of love between two beings. The reasoning is simple. Love comes about when you meet somebody without a need-to-complete-this or need-to-complete-that. Lest your mind is too occupied with agenda to be able to be with the other person.

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Can you beat the three impulses?


The story of Gandhiji’s three monkeys is very popular. The will to evil is predominant in human beings. So Gandhiji came up with:

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil.

The well-known picture of the three monkeys depicts the same so vividly. Just like following these three cardinal principles can make life beautiful, there are three impulses to avoid to make life beautiful. Gandhiji’s cardinal principles were to beat addiction to evil, these three principles are to beat unnecessary addiction to action. Keep Reading

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I have a Problem with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm can be dangerous to your well-being. I have been a supreme enthusiast most of last eight years. My enthusiasm has come in my way in more ways than one.

Mind Your Talent

One area we are most enthusiastic about is exercising our beloved craft. It’s a deep self-expression and the surest way to bliss. Contrast this with what Lao Tzu, the founder of one of my favorite philosophical paths – Taoism says:

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