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When You Goodness Becomes Your Weakness

As we had a packed house in the seminar this Saturday.

The crux: For every body who allows himself (or herself) to become a victim, there will be one bully. The way to handle a bully is to learn to NOT join his or her dance.  Keep Reading

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Building Strong Families

Love is beautiful but it is often busy taking too many liberties. ‘Mutual Respect’ is the ultimate building block of a healthy family.

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Practising Honest Communication



Three pointers while practising honest communication:

1. It is the nature of honesty to sometimes work and sometimes backfire. It’s like a business risk. ¬†Either ways it’s worth it because it always works out in the long term. Keep Reading

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Group Decision-Making Done Peacefully


A group of friends or colleagues often has people of all personality types. Some are assertive, some are submissive, these being the two broad categories.

When such a group comes together to decide upon something, the dynamics are interesting. Sometimes the naturally assertive people dilute their stand to make room for the interests of others and the naturally non-assertive people speak up their minds to show participation or to prove their presence. And then they come to some consensus which is more of a middle ground. This is an unnatural way to form consensus because it results in inner discontent for all. There is a possibility that the assertive finds the decision less than optimal and the submissive feels guilty that he got the assertive to change his heart or that he himself had to exercise assertion, which is not in line with his authentic self. Keep Reading

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