Freedom is not Free

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By Shiv Khera


To a patriot, serving the nation is not a SACRIFICE but a PRIVILEGE. Some people think that the only way to find one’s peace of mind is to ignore the danger.

In a democracy, legislators are supposed to be the representatives of the citizens and not the rulers.

Any state where an honest citizen is scared of his own government officials, the police and the judicial system is known as a terrorist state. We cant just be takers. We have an obligation to give too.

Quality products and responsible behaviour signify patriotism in Japan, whereas poor quality and irresponsible behaviour are considered unpatriotic. Anything made in Japan carries the respect and dignity of every citizen. A major reason for the success of the Japanese is their patriotic feeling which translates from pride in the nation.

There is a world of difference between preferences and convictions. Preferences are negotiable. Convictions are not.

Why don’t people take a stand ? They don’t because it is inconvenient. So long as citizens prefer convenience to conviction, the country will always go downhill.

Whenever self-interest comes in conflict with sacrifice for the greater good, the latter has to be prioritized. All great leaders in history had their personal agendas totally aligned with the national agendas.

When just to survive in your country you have to trade off your dignity and self-respect minute by minute and degenerate in your own estimation, why would one want to live in that country ?

A traitor can sup with the devil for his personal gains. It is however only a matter of time before the devil has the traitor for supper.

We often hear the adage : ‘ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ That’s not true. Power only corrupts those who are corruptible to begin with. Power only brings to the surface that which was hiding beneath. Such people suffer from inferiority complex. The feeling of inferiority creates the need to show one’s superiority.

Priests use fear motivation and emotional blackmail to exploit the masses. Their mis-interpretations and mis-representations make the truth disappear.

The nexus between the priest and politician is so strong and ancient that they keep conniving to invent new ways of exploting the ignorant and the innocent. The priest lends religious sanction to the politician. The politician then lawfully assumes political power and in turn, protects the priest. The priest then blesses the politician twice over.

The politician promises people the moon in this world and the priest promises them the moon in the next. THEY BOTH LIE.

Bad politicians survive on lies and promises. Their greatest ability lies in playing on emotions, creating confusion and conflict. They create problems where none exist. Adolf Hitler wrote in his autobiography : ‘ In order to remain in power, create fictitious enemies if you have to and show that your constituency or state or country is in danger. It scares people and when people are afraid, it is easy to keep them enslaved.’

Progress in a country is measured by the quality of life its citizens lead. Civilization, on the other hand, is measured by the quality of character of its citizens. The strength of a society is its social capital.

In reality, rules make a game possible. To reject the fact that we have to live by rules, is to support the idea of a society in which every driver is free to choose any side of the road based on his preference.

A society depends more on its citizens’ character than their intelligence. Always keep fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves or their own dignity.

There are limits beyond which tolerance and forbearance cease to be virtues. When evil forces unite, it is time for the good to join hands and become a force. When honest citizens become soldiers and take to the streets to fight for a cause, who can stop this army ?

When people in positions of power oppress the innocent, it is called organised crime.

Co-operation is our duty as long as the government protects our honor. Non-cooperation is an equal duty when the Government instead of protecting us robs us of our honor. I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor, than she should in a cowardly manner become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor..

There is a big difference between being a good person and a good citizen. The sense of forgiveness and tolerance that the honest have, encourages the corrupt.

We often say that we want to stay away from politics because it’s a dirty game. The fact is that there is no dirty game, only dirty players.

If a citizen does not oppose injustice or crime, he is only encouraging it. If injustice is happening to your neighbour and you can sleep, wait for your turn. You are next.

Taking the path of least resistance makes both men and rivers crooked. It is not unusual to see the weak and wicked form alliances.

Communal tensions are kept alive so that some political parties can play the role of a protector of communal interest.

Wanting to get rid of foreign rule was a common reference point earlier for India. This led to national integration. Now we no longer have a common reference point. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is a hollow phrase without such a common binding factor.

Citizens and nations reveal their character by how they treat their elderly and the disabled. Constant exposure to a wrong, it is said, first promotes tolerance, then acceptance and finally involvement.

In societies that are suffering from inferiority complex, any misuse of power and flouting of rules is considered a demonstration of ‘manliness’ or ‘macho’. Abuse of such power often impresses the impressionable minds who imitate these flashy role models. False lifestyle gains respectability without questioning the means. Where falsehood prevails, wealth not values becomes the basis for legitimate social identity. There is an-unquestioned admiration for the person with money and power. No one questions where his wealth came from.Today, money buys respect. Is this not moral degradation ?

A person who bribes someone is not just paying for something that is his by right, but is at the same time, bowing to extortion.

Every person, in order to be a good citizen, must have a need for devotion to something other than himself or herself and commitment to a purpose in life.

The reward for a show of courage is not that you always have your way but that you know that you have done the right thing.

Poverty does not create as much crime as crime creates poverty.

Anyone who is responsible for upholding justice must protest against injustice. If they don’t , aren’t they accomplices to the crime ?


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