Heal Your Relationships (Post 1)

I have noticed that life has its way of bringing us back to the same kind of struggles every few years. Psychology says that themes repeat every seven years.

It almost appears that existence itself seems to demand completion. And in my work as a guide to so many; more than health and wealth, I notice this trend in the area of relationships.

I once heard: ‘Anything that doesn’t end in love keeps repeating itself until it ends in love’. We find constant proof of the same in our lives, don’t we?

Every time there is a conflict, we give up on the relationship at some level. We feel it is beyond us to repair it. We feel that the gap is too huge to bridge and the scars too deep to heal.

However, the call to completion is often larger than the extent of our agony. It keeps tugging at our heart relentlessly and gets us to give it all, one more shot.

Circumstances are created in a way that we are invited to work at the relationship again. Maybe it might work out this time. Maybe it can all graduate from friction to harmony to ecstasy. And to me, this call is the work of the divine.

After all, any situation that doesn’t end in love keeps repeating until it ends in love.

Have you noticed this ‘call to love’ operating in your life? And that there is something divine about this innate call that gets us to give it all one more shot? Or is your experience different?

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