Heal Your Relationships (Post 2)

The other day I made a post on FB about the ‘Call to Love’ that’s innate to each of us. That the universe demands completion. And that we are invited – time and again – to work upon a painful relationship until we consummate it into a loving relationship.

Following the same, some friends texted me on messenger/whatsapp to discuss some nuances. One of my responses (worthy of mention here) was:

‘It is important to give love a chance again and again but that is only if you are dealing with a relatively reasonable person. While dealing with a highly unreasonable person, it is better to let the relationship go (whenever possible) rather than keep giving love a chance, again and again.’

Unconditional love is beautiful only if it is effective. Effective for others AS WELL AS effective for self.

Decoupling from a toxic relationship might not come across as unconditional love to many.

But that is the case only when your definition of unconditional love doesn’t include love towards self, which is as important, if not more important, than love towards others.

How do you define unconditional love? Does your definition of unconditional love include ‘love towards self’ in its fold? Or not?

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