Heal Your Relationships (Post 3)

Anger can be healthy.

It helps one draw boundaries and define deal-breakers in relationships. Whether we like it or not, each of us has quite a few push-buttons. Our anger reminds others to honour our unique wiring with its myriad push-buttons. It works like the scare-crow which forestalls invasions into its territory.

However, there is this another variety of anger which is pretty tricky – the needless and unhealthy variety.

The type that keeps rearing its ugly head, all across the day, every now and then, provoked by petty triggers. It manifests as mild irritability at best to moderative reactivity in the middle to extreme rage at worst.

And it is this needless anger which makes relationships troublesome. It depletes love, instigates a counter-reaction and creates bitterness in the relationship.

And each of us knows that it isn’t worthwhile.

Sadly, knowing is not doing. We know the pitfalls, yet we fall into the pit.

How does this needless anger affect your life? How have you tried to arrest it? Does trying to arrest it work, in your opinion? Or not? What do you think works?

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