Heal Your Relationships (Post 4)


To a Buddha, a relationship is perhaps a misery-inducing entanglement. And to a Krishna, it is a pleasurable enchantment. To me, both are just perspectives, useful ones at that.

What matters more is our personal truth around this deeply karmic subject, our as-lived experience, the distilled essence of the way life has treated us in this domain.

Here is mine.

Talking about the whole gamut of relationships – those bound in blood and otherwise – I have revelled in some relationships of my life and I have been pained in others. Deeply pained.

As it usually is, the close relationships are the ones which have hurt the most. Even though they have paradoxically heartened me the most, through their deeply loving embrace.

All in all, I have only gained from relationships – pleasurable or mucky. They have left me stronger and wiser.

After many years of being resentful, now I finally don’t bemoan the agonies they gave me as much as I applaud the breakthroughs they brought about.

So my personal truth is that relationships are teachers, tutors of the highest kind, task-masters with ironically our highest interests at their callous-looking hearts.

What is your personal truth around relationships? If you had a chance to rewind that aspect of your life and change parts of it, would you want it to be any different?

Are relationships predominantly entanglements for you, or enchantments or tutors?

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