Heal Your Relationships (Post 5)


The mathematics of relationships looks somewhat warped. And this is about all relationships not just love relationships.

The pleasure that one reaps in a relationship – the proportion of fun and delight – is relatively smaller and the pain it induces by the side – the proportion of drag (at best) and misery (at worst) – is far larger.

Have you noticed that the honey-moon is always short-lived and what is left behind in its wake is far long-drawn?

Almost appears as if the very design is questionable.

Or to look at it more objectively, perhaps the pain and the pleasure is balanced in quantity.

However owing to some inherent perceptual biases, we humans tend to highlight the pain and overlook the pleasure.

Either ways, at the end of the day, the felt-experience of pain seems to outweigh the felt-experience of pleasure from relationships, by a long haul.

Has this been your experience too?

Have you also wondered (as I once did) whether all of this is worth it or wondered why is the game rigged against me all the time?

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