Heal Your Relationships (Post 6)


I earlier had only one context for relationships – that relationships are meant to be a source of delight.

That we relate to one and all because relating is fun, relating is warm, relating heartens the soul. Because it closes the gap between me and another. We are social beings after all and we need lots of love and belonging. No wonder, this is a worthwhile context. Also true. However, only half-true.

The yang to the yin is that we relate because relationships ripen our souls. Through the inherent complications they entail, they rip open our hearts and inflict sore wounds.

These wounds get our closed hearts to finally feel, move, humanise and allow joy in its wake. Unless the pain is lived and felt, the joy can neither be felt nor appreciated.

Relationships can suck, but they can nudge us, one painful day at a time, closer to our most joyful version, provided we have a worthwhile context for them.

It is one thing to know this intellectually but another to have your ‘whole mass’ behind this understanding.

I have been successfully getting there. Are you too?

Are you also realising that relationships, however mucky they get, could be the biggest blessings in disguise?

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