Key Learning Points from GO GIVERS SELL MORE

Many people have inhibition of being a sales person. Sales is not about taking advantage of people. It’s about giving people more advantage.
Sales is not about getting, it’s about giving.
Real sales is about less talking and more listening.

Real sales is not about presentation, it’s about asking great questions and keeping the conversation focussed on others.
Real sales is win win; it creates a swelling tide that raises all ships.
Sales is not about you; it’s about them.
Selling is not a business transaction; it’s about forging a human connection. Regardless of your product, people are drawn to you because of how you make them  feel.
You can’t MAKE a sale, you can create a context where sale HAPPENS when the other person chooses to make a purchase
As a sales person, your main job is to create value.
Don’t look at your task as exchanging hours for dollars. Look at it as CREATING VALUE. 
You may not be in love with your product as much but what you need to be in love with is the process of helping people get what they need and want. 
The key lies in what is called the WILLING SUSPENSION OF SELF-INTEREST
‘Will it make money?’ Is a great question but it is a bad first question. 
If your goal is to make a sale, you are dependent on the buying decisions of others. But if your goal is to create value, you are not dependent on others, only on yourself. 
Your compensation is not a function of your goodness, merit or industriousness;it’s a function of the impact you create. 
It is directly proportional to how many lives you touch 
Making sales is a concept. Touching lives is a reality
When you use the word prospect, you are seeing the possibility of a future event when you meet him. You are not seeing the person. 
Learn to be with people, not meet people to make customers out of them. That’s a consequence. 
Gift of gab is counterproductive. The one who prattles on shuts the other person down. 
Rapport is to focus on similarities not on differences. Even biggest barriers soften n resolve when u build the tiniest bit of rapport
Be genuinely interested in other people. 
Any goal takes ten percent technical skills and ninety percent people skills
Listening to a person n responding genuinely is far more effective then guiding a conversation through a preplanned pattern
It becomes a two hundred pound telephone (you are uncomfortable) to make a sales call because you are thinking about yourself 
If you focus on your curiosity and genuine interest in other person, you won’t have time to be nervous, self conscious, manipulative, awkward, self critical etc. You will be too busy in being interested in them. 
Emotional maturity is ability to keep your focus on others feelings even as you acknowledge and honor your own 
All things being equal, people like to do business with those they know, like and trust. 
It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It’s not who you know, it’s about who knows you. It’s now who knows you, it’s about who knows about you. 
The influence carried through pushing doesn’t go so far. Pulling has great power just like pulling a rope vs pushing a rope. 
Your biggest markets comes not from your friends, but from friends of your friends or friends. 
Law of 250 says that each of us has a circle of 250 ppl we know each of whom has one such circle. So the potential is huge. 
Your customers come not from your cold market or your warm market but the fuzzy area between the two – eg your banks teller, your kids friends parents etc
People like being treated as people, not as prospects. 
Don’t go out there with the idea of ‘hitting on’ people. Go out there with the idea of making more friends. Not so that you can convert them into prospects. But simply to make more friends. 
When you first meet a person, there are three words you need to remember abt your sales product: They don’t care. Sure you are excited about your product or service. Sure, you can see how much they need it and can benefit from it if they gave you a chance. But it’s not about you. It’s about them. 
Go for quality, not quantity. 
Traditional sales process focuses on presentation. The go-giver sales process focuses on connection. Presentation matters less, questions matter more. 
In order for your sale to happen, someone needs to buy your product. But it need not be this person. So, relax enjoy the conversation and walk out there with a new friend.
Forget fifty-fifty. Fifty-fifty is a losing proposition. The only winning proposition is one-hundred percent. Make your win about the other person. Forget win-win. Focus on their win. 
Do follow through, not follow ups. 
Traditional sales process is like fishing. Go-givers process is like farming. 
If a pitch is about striking the other person out, the purpose of serve is to hit the ball over the net, so the other guy can hit it back and you two can enjoy the game together. 
Don’t share features eg I am a trainer. Share benefits: I help people improve the quality of their lives. 
If being pushy repels people, being needy also repels people. 
Be yourself. You don’t need to push yourself and challenge your comfort zone all the time. Rather than stepping out step more into your comfort zone. 
Before presenting to a crowd, ask yourself: who are they? What are they looking for? What’s it that I can convey to them that can be most valuable to them?
Authenticity doesn’t mean you can’t use preplanned words or script, it just means u should make it your own with your head and heart. 
Delivering Facts n figures doesn’t matter; what matters is the connection you make with the client. 
Hype is the ultimate oversell. Don’t need to tamp down your enthusiasm for your product but don’t be forcefully assertive or full of bravado. 
Ability to express is expression skills, not communication skills. Ability to listen is a bigger part of communication skills. 
The more sincere and respectful way to listen is to simply listen, without artificial feedbacks in between. 
The truth, as Plato told, comes out in dialogue. If you don’t listen, a conversation becomes a sparring match. 
In the face of objections, use empathy. Step over to where the person is standing, stand next to them and look at their objections with them. It’s called turning in the direction of the skid. 
Never get to close an order; rather open it. Give the client an escape hatch and they will be least likely to use it. The client no longer feels boxed into a corner. 
Use the eight key words:If you can’t do it, I will definitely understand. 
Most salespeople shoot themselves into the foot by saying too much. Don’t do that. True conviction is best conveyed not through too many words but fewer. 
The most imp words in a sales dialogue are the ones spoken by your client not by you. These can be facilitated only if u speak lesser. 
Humans and plant kingdom – are constantly exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Our giving is their receiving; their giving is our receiving. 
In our culture, there is a treacherous dichotomy between giving and receiving; that we can be big-hearted and generous and also look out for ourselves at the same time – that there is an inherent contradiction between self-interest and altruism. 
It’s not better to give than to receive. It’s insane to give and not receive. 
We have learned to view giving and receiving; altruism and self-interest as two conflicting and contradictory states, at odds with each other. One noble and the other selfish. But this is not how the genuinely successful see it, nor is it how they live their lives. 
The genuinely successful view living with generosity as an integral part of creating success, not as something that comes out of success or can be done only after success. They eagerly receive, delight in the receiving and just as eagerly pass it on. They don’t stop the flow, they join in with the flow. 
In truth, we each receive all manner of gifts constantly and throughout the day. Genuine go-givers do not focus only on giving, they are also intensely aware of the gifts they receive. Indeed, they delight in the gifts they receive. And that is why they continue to receive so much. 
When you live generously and focus on creating value for others, great value will come to you, suddenly, and unexpectedly – and in amounts far exceeding anything that anyone owes you. 
Chinese symbol for crisis consists of two characters – one for danger, another for opportunity. English word crisis comes from the Greek word Krisis which means choice. 
Problems are simply opportunities in work-clothes. 
Many salespeople believe despite all evidence to the contrary that they can control the outcome; that if they study well enough, practice diligently enough, become proficient enough, they will master the techniques that will put the levers of control into their hands and assure the outcome of their prospecting encounters. But the universal truth is: people will do what people will do. All you can co is seek to serve, look for ways to create value and trust. 
Paradoxically when you trust others, you become a better judge of character. Surprising, but true. Living in trust turns out to be virtually the opposite of being naïve: you become more perceptive, not less. Why? Because you are practicing the Law of Receptivity. Being receptive means you are open and being open means you increasingly see things as they are, not as you wish they were or fear they might be.


Being a go-giver does not mean you can’t also be a go getter.
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