On Money and Its Grip On Us


When it comes to money, there is more than what meets the eye. It’s not just printed notes or zeroes and ones in a computers records. It is a loaded phenomenon, loaded with huge emotional overtones. Look at the contortions we experience when we give away big money or when we give away more money than what we feel a product or service is worth.

I too have often seen more in money than what I should have and thereby found money hard to let go. The situation is same with a vast majority of us. No doubt we spend a lot in compulsive purchases. However these purchases do not originate from conscious spending, spending that happens since we have a loose emotional grip on money. On the contrary, they are motivated by the need to fill up the spiritual void in ourselves.

I have personally both gained and lost from such detachment with money or lack thereof. While I am guilty of pinching pennies in some aspects, I have at the same time been generous to a fault in other aspects. I have no upper ceiling when it comes to supporting friends in need or spending on people who have made a difference to my life. This quality has stood me in great stead. My gut feeling is that a big part of the material and spiritual prosperity that I have enjoyed in my life has come about owing to this generosity that is so basic to me.

Besides the material bounties that it brings, having a loose grip on money keeps a person at ease with life. He remains unperturbed in the midst of money mishaps. He can happily spend the notes to buy himself wealth – the goodies he so very much loves. How much I wish and pray that more and more people take this aspect of money far less seriously than they take currently. It’s their seriousness that’s also keeping the money at bay.

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