Karma Yoga

Key learning points from the book


by Swami Sukhabodhananda.
(This book is a commentary on Bhagvad Gita chapter 3.)



The genesis of mechanical tendency of a human being is unawareness. The more you are unaware, the greater is your mechanical tendency, the greater is the robotic life that you lead and consequently true religious quality gets eroded out of life. The more we deepen our awareness , the greater is our relationship with life.

In order to relate to the :

a) World of objects , be mathematical i.e. be objective, detached.
b) World of people , be musical i.e. full of love & respect.
c) Your own interior world, be meditative i.e. calm, silent & in gratitude. Keep Reading

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Fate or Free will

A summary of facts from David Shiang’s famous book




A) History of Modern Physics


After the renaissance scientists like Galileo & Copernicus, the next giant to come in the scientific arena was Isaac Newton. Newton discovered the laws of motion and science related to gross objects. He claimed that the world is inherently deterministic & predictable & if we apply certain parameters to physical laws, that which is to come can be determined too. He didn’t believe in the possibility of chance, randomness or unpredictability in events. Keep Reading

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A Poem on Non-doing

That which we seek to correct, messes up further.

That which we allow to be, settles on its own.

That which we strive to be free from, only entangles us more.

That which we accept as it is , frees us !

That which we wish shall go away, only stays.

That which we dont mind staying, goes away.

Do something and the opposite manifests

Do nothing and the desired manifests.

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