Conspiracy of the Rich

Conspiracy of the Rich
by Robert Kiyosaki

Conspiracy of the Rich

In 1971, President Nixon, without the approval of the congress took the money off the gold standard and changed the rules of money – not just for U.S. but also for the world.

To omit the subject of money from the education system is a part of the conspiracy and is cruel and unconscionable. Keep Reading

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On Environment and Sustainability

Key Learning Points  from the book


On Environment and Sustainability
The case for change

We consume way beyond our means, roughly three times beyond our means but that doesn’t mean we must live lives that are three times poorer. It means we should demand food that has travelled shorter distances, less packaging for goods and products that will actually last. Keep Reading

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What is Zen?

Synopsis of

‘What is Zen’

by Alan Watts

What is Zen

The mundane too is sacred

Zen has always believed that the mundane and the sacred are one and the same.

Ask not and you will get

The transformation of consciousness is not a question of how much time you put into it as if it were all added up on some sort of quantitative scale and you got rewarded according to the amount of effort you put into it. Nor is it that simply by avoiding the effort and wanting it instantly would you get it. The only thing that your effort or ‘no effort’ can teach you is that this approach doesn’t work. You can only get it when you discover that you do not need it. You can only get it when you don’t want it. That is the secret. Keep Reading

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A journey to where you already are

black asphalt road with arrow to sunset

Guruji often says that a problem lies in identifying a life situation as a problem. Once you have identified it as a problem, there is nothing you can do about it. On the contrary, if you do anything about it, you will only mess it up further. Let us draw a parallel of this with one another Eastern mystic culture – Zen Buddhism.

In the Zen culture, when a new seeker comes in and asks the master – ‘Oh master, I seek to be enlightened, please guide me’, the master takes a baton and gives the fellow a hard knock on the head. The seeker more often than not gets the point and walks away. By itself, the master’s action defies our understanding. But hidden beneath is a very sound logic.

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Freedom is not Free

Synopsis of :

By Shiv Khera


To a patriot, serving the nation is not a SACRIFICE but a PRIVILEGE. Some people think that the only way to find one’s peace of mind is to ignore the danger.

In a democracy, legislators are supposed to be the representatives of the citizens and not the rulers.

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